PIB can offer you more than just Advice on Insurance

The PIB Group are not just there for your insurance needs, there is a lot they can do to assist you and your firm, outside of insurance. This is just one example.  

Their specialist Risk Management team have sent some information which they’d like to share with you. It addresses the risks of staff working from home and also for those returning to work. The attachments consist of information and some checklists so you can demonstrate a business has monitored and considered these issues.

The HSE infographic is useful in setting up a workspace and creating the right environment and a DSE self-assessment that can be utilised.

They’ve also included a ‘return to work’ sheet for staff returning to the office, with guidance and checklist.  

Finally, there’s a helpful HSE link here – https://www.hse.gov.uk/toolbox/workers/home.htm

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