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Duty Solicitor at the Police Station

Course will be presented by Colin Beaumont via Zoom

A Link to Colin Beaumonts webpage for more information on this and forthcoming virtual courses:


The Duty Solicitor at the Police Station




Colin Beaumont ‘returns’ to Coventry on Friday, 9th October 2020 in order to present this 3 hour ‘virtual’ course which will bring you right up to date with the things you need to know.

This will be a live presentation via Zoom between 2pm – 5pm. It could not be simpler. Once we know from Lesley at Warwickshire Law Society that you have booked onto the course (Lesley will let us know that by sending us your email) we will send you an email with a link to the presentation and you simply click on the link and join us.

Although the link will prompt you to download Zoom, there is absolutely no need to download Zoom as a pre-requisite for gaining access to the presentation (Zoom simply want you to download their program – which is quite understandable if you think about it from their perspective!)

Although the presentation starts at 2pm, we would appreciate it if you click on the link from 1:30pm onwards in order that we may assist in any way.

It will be FULLY INTERACTIVE and you can either un-mute your microphone and ask a question during the presentation or type your question into the chat box.

Colin has done lots of these and is pleased to say that they work.

A full set of notes have been written to accompany the presentation.

The course is extremely practical and will be of interest to anyone involved in the day-to-day practice of criminal law in England and Wales. It’s impossible to keep up-to-date with all that is happening but to evidence your ongoing commitment to your own professional development you really should complete some sort of annual update course. This course will update you on the things you need to know when acting as the Duty Solicitor at the Police Station

Colin’s notes are always full and, in addition to the Duty Solicitor notes, will contain a separate document summarising important Case-law for Criminal Practitioners – 2020 – 2015 – more than 170+ cases – an excellent resource!!


This course will cover the following 20 points and many more:


1 – Schedule 2A of PACE – inviting people back to the police station in order for their biometric material to be taken from them

2 – Section 49 and Schedule 2 of RIPA – the circumstances in which the police may request the suspects PIN + the case-law concerning sentencing in this area

3 – A consideration of whether or not it is necessary to arrest a person attending the police station as a volunteer – the legislation and the case-law in this area

4 – 100 things you really ought to know when advising suspects at the police station stage

5 – Adverse inferences – the position at trial where adverse inferences may properly be drawn and the position at trial where the matter must merely be left to rest at comment

6 – Examples of where an opening statement by the legal adviser might be appropriate at the commencement of the interview

7 – Samples – both intimate and non-intimate

8 – Examples of where a written statement might be the appropriate way of dealing with the case at the police station stage

9 – Attending upon clients ‘remotely’ and the fees which may be claimed

10 – Disclosure issues generally – the important case-law in this area

11 – Some difficult client scenarios examined

12 – Strip searches and intimate searches

13 – A dozen important things to note from the Custody Record

14 – The limited circumstances in which more than one fee may be claimable

15 – Advising in the area of sexual offences

16 – Removal of clothing in order to look for a mark, scar, tattoo etc

17 – Amendments made by the Policing and Crime Act 2017

18 – The possible effect upon sentence of early admissions made at the police station stage

19 – Appropriate adults

20 – Bail issues

We live in very strange times! Who knows whether face-to-face presentations will ever come back? As criminal practitioners we are adept at the art of ‘adapting to survive’ and this is just another manifestation.

Those of you who have been on Colin’s courses in the past will know that they are nothing if not interactive and his virtual courses are no different!

We know that we have to keep up-to-date as professionals and I can think of no better, or enjoyable, way of getting to grips with all the stuff that they throw at you than engaging in this 3-hour presentation from the comfort of your own home or the Office

Pyjamas are permissible but do remember not to turn on your WebCams!



23 Oct 2020


2:00 pm - 4:00 pm


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